Light Problems: Part 1

Princess Elizabeth

Princess Elizabeth stared at the encroaching darkness. Turmoil churning inside her, she realized her power alone was not enough to repel the evil coming to seize her land. Despite having sent a distress call to her best friend, the princess of the neighboring land, Princess Dani, she knew no help would come. This evil magic had caused a rift in the land, pulling the two kingdoms apart, and separating them with a deep chasm. Elizabeth despaired, while she contemplated how to save her people. She feared that the only hope was to evacuate the kingdom and give the land over to the darkness.

She was pulled from her thoughts when one of her ladies in waiting, Lady Kristin, came to call her to the council meeting. Princess Elizabeth followed Lady Kristin to the throne room as she once again allowed her worries to the forefront of her mind. Supposedly this meeting was to discuss their future, but to the princess it was a death sentence. No hope left, and yet she still struggled. She struggled to keep her people happy. She struggled to do her daily duties. She struggled to remain calm, but mostly she struggled against the darkness trying to consume her soul. She knew how the evil threatening her land worked. She witnessed its powers attack, overcome, and control another kingdom. This evil was poison. Its creator sent it ahead to infect the ruler of the land he desired to conquest. It eats away at the very soul, and causes a physical manifestation of the ruler’s inner turmoil on the land, destroying everything in its path. Princess Elizabeth knew this, yet despite all her powers of light, the darkness continued to chip away at her core. She worried how her people would fair once it consumed her.

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