Light Problems: Part 2

Prince Pierce

When she entered the room a heated debate about the problem already ensued between her advisers and some dignitaries from nearby countries. Everyone was arguing with their neighbors, never saying anything important but emanating fear with every word. Only one man stood silent in the corner of the room. Princess Elizabeth was immediately drawn to his stoic face and calm demeanor. He stood at roughly 6 feet, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Princess Elizabeth’s anger flared as she saw the seemingly uncaring man standing there; however, the more she noticed him the more his presence seemed to calm her.

Perplexed by her reaction to the unknown man, she slowly walked over to her throne, drawing the eyes of everyone as she passed. “Now, if we could please refrain from speaking all at once, maybe we could address this issue in a manner fitting of our positions,” Princess Elizabeth stated as she sat down.

“Your majesty,” Lord Jacob, one of her main advisers, said. “These, most welcome of guests would have us abandon our land and kingdom to the impending doom. I was just telling them that we, as a nation, are not that cowardly and will protect the land we have always loved.”

The room erupted once again into chaos, as the men before her roared, loathing even the mere hint of someone questioning their courage. Princess Elizabeth watched in silence for a few moments before lifting her hand to silence the room. “Those are beautiful words, and no doubt you mean every one of them, but we must think realistically and rationally,” she stated. “I have seen this darkness rip apart other countries and I would not leave our people to that same fate. It might be best to evacuate to Princess Dani’s kingdom.”

The men in the room stood shocked and appalled. Their princess, the very hope and life to the kingdom was suggesting they give up and leave their homes behind. How where they to survive if they had no support from the leader of the country?

“I never thought my first meeting with the princess would be so full of pessimism,” the man in the corner said.

“And who might you be?” Princess Elizabeth inquired.

“Prince Pierce, and I am here to help fight off this evil. However, with everything I heard about you I expected more of a fight, instead I find you already giving up. I heard stories of the beautiful princess who graced these lands, and how her very essence was enough to provide warmth and light to the entire kingdom. Where is that light now? While you are still beautiful as the stories told, you seem to already have given up hope. This cannot be, I refuse to accept it.”

As Prince Pierce spoke Princess Elizabeth began to feel a warmth and light spread through her. She felt invigorated and her powers of light began to strengthen. She stared in wonder at the very man who might just help her save her kingdom.

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