Weight Loss Hope

It’s time to bare my soul, and my weight. It may be taboo to ask a girl her weight but in this case I’ll reveal it all. It is truly terrifying to be open and honest about something that can make or break your self-esteem. I know in my last blog I was adamant that being overweight is not hugely crippling for me emotionally. I still stand by that statement, but even the most confident person has their weak moments. What helped me stay confident is that I have always worn my weight well. By this I mean while I look over weight, for most of my life I have looked like I weigh less than I do. This is one part due to having good luck with where I developed my curves, and another part to do with wearing the right clothes for my body type.  However, I’ve gained enough weight now that those tricks don’t really work anymore.

Ultimately my goal is to become healthy but I think a good goal weight for me is 140 pounds. I realize I’m fairly short and that to most people that might still sound too high, but with my curves and body type this is not only a good goal, but more importantly, it is an attainable goal.

I have two main things I plan to change to reach that goal. First, I will begin to work out, and second, I will eat healthier. I know it sounds so simple, eat right and exercise, well of course that will help you lose weight. But for those who struggle with losing weight this is not an easy task. Food becomes an addiction. I have found myself in the drive through of a fast food restaurant, and suddenly realizing I am not remotely hungry, and yet I still will buy and eat food. Junk food has become my addiction and I plan to break that addiction.

Even though I plan to break my addiction I will not start out by cutting out junk food. My body still craves it and quitting cold turkey just doesn’t work for me. (I know, I’ve tried).  Instead, I am going to begin by exercising at least 4 times a week before I go to bed, for at least 30 minutes (or one TV show). Also, for each pay check I will set aside $40 in cash for junk food. Once that is gone I am done buying junk food for that pay period. I also will not buy food to eat right before I go to bed. My goal is to adjust these as I progress, and I’m hoping that by exercising my body will begin to desire more foods that are healthy and less junk food.

Alright, I may have side stepped actually revealing my weight, so here it is. My goal weight is 140 pounds. This means I have to lose 85 pounds, which means right now I weigh 225 pounds, but hopefully not for long.

2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Hope

  1. Rachel

    Good luck!!! I know you can do it! 🙂

  2. heather

    You can do this! It sounds like you are starting out the right way for you!

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