Exercise: Is it worth it?

Exercise is hard. To most that might sound like an understatement, but for me that one sentence sums up my entire week. For anyone who read my last blog about weight loss I discussed my plan to lose weight by started with three small changes in my life. Two of them related to eating less junk food and the third goal was to exercise 4 times during the week. On the one hand I succeeded in eating less junk food. Unfortunately I exercised a total of one time last week.

I failed that goal. Luckily it is a brand new week and I can start again. I always knew I wasn’t a fan of exercise, but I just assumed that once I set my mind to it I would be fine exercising. I was wrong. I exercised once and then for the rest of the week I gave every excuse not to exercise. They ranged from “I’m too tired” to simply “I only said four times in the week so I can do it tomorrow.” So here is my revision of my exercise goal. Obviously I like to procrastinate way too much; therefore my new goal is to exercise everyday besides Sunday.

I know that is a bigger goal then I originally came up with, but I think this way may work better for me. I know a few things about myself; one, I love to procrastinate, and two, if I stop doing something it is incredibly hard for me to start it up again. Knowing this my new goal should fit in with my personal laziness. How you ask? First, if I exercise everyday (besides Sunday) then I won’t have the time in between to convince myself it isn’t important, thereby causing me to stop working on it. Second, by saying I have to exercise everyday but not giving a specific time I will hopefully trick myself into thinking I’ve procrastinated, at least for that day. By thinking about it as something that has to be done today I hope to create a sense of procrastination, when in reality I am fulfilling small goals each day.

It might sound crazy, but I’m hoping it will get me heading in the right direction. I want to be healthy. I want to follow through with my goals. I want to become more active. All of these things make exercise worth it to me. Now it is just a matter of doing, instead of just planning. I hope that next week I will have had better results, but for now I just have to remember that failing once doesn’t mean you give up all together.

2 thoughts on “Exercise: Is it worth it?

  1. Rachel

    I’m with you! It is so much easier to know that you are just doing that day than to think “oh I can just do it tomorrow.” Good luck 🙂

  2. heather

    It’s true, and I know it isn’t even about losing weight when I exercise, it’s time for me to take care of myself and do something healthy for me. You got this!

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