Easy Isn’t Always Better

I love being alive right now. There are wonderful gadgets and gizmos a plenty. I can literally pull out a small rectangle from my pocket and look up any question and have the almighty Google tell me the answer. So much now makes life easier and I love it. I love being lazy so anything that can allow me to be lazy for longer is amazing in my book. This is why fast food is the bane of my existence.

I have started a bad habit. Since I work in an office all day I find taking a lunch break is a nice pause that allows me to refocus so I can be more productive during the second half of my day. However, recently I have started getting fast food for lunch almost every day. This is not a good thing. It hurts my goal of losing weight and my goal of saving money, and I need to stop it.

Don’t get me wrong fast food can be amazing, but I need to tone it down and start eating less fast food. Last time I mentioned how I had gained back the weight I had lost, luckily I lost that weight again but it has been weeks since then. If I hadn’t eaten so much fast food I probably would have lost a lot more weight.

I love that I am still losing weight and proving that exercise does in fact work, but I want more. I will not lose any more to the temptation that is fast food. My new goal is that for lunches I am only allowed to buy lunch twice a week. Hopefully that will start me down a better path. Maybe one not quite as easy, but one definitely worth the work.

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