I Hate Everything

Have you ever had one of those days that starts off so monumentally horrendous you think nothing could possible save it only to have that day end on a positive note? Yeah that was my day yesterday. I know I normally talk about weight loss or maybe do a work of fiction but today I’m going to take a second to discuss something different. I want to discuss what it is like being an optimist.

I like to joke that I’m a optimist, masking as a realist, masking as a pessimist, but honestly I am just a plain old optimistic person. I genuinely believe that no matter the situation it will work out exactly the way it is supposed to and exactly in a way that will be best for me. That being said I am not always happy and I do not always like the way situations play out.

I have found in my life as an optimist that most people expect you to be happy almost all of the time. In fact, most of my life, especially during high school, friends would joke about the end of the world coming if I was even slightly upset. I laughed at the time, but it honestly frustrated me. I felt like I wasn’t allowed to feel everyday frustrations because if I did it would shatter the people around me. It was like if I had problems with day to day things then people who weren’t as optimist as me would not be able to survive. That’s a lot of pressure.

I know that everyone deals with things in their own way and that I do not really have that much persuasion over those around me, but during those times it felt as if I did. I learned that if you identify as an optimist many people (not all) have a preconceived notion that you will be someone who is happy all the time and that you don’t get frustrated at the simple things.

This is so false. I get frustrated all the time, and at the silliest things. I get frustrated at work. I get frustrated driving. I get frustrated at home. I even get frustrated at TV shows. Despite being a generally happy person, I have range of emotions that fluctuates, sometimes so quickly I leave people baffled. All that being said I am, and always will be an optimist.

I have learned in my life that just like my day yesterday, if I wait long enough something good will happen. So I invite everyone reading this to try something. Regardless of how you look at the world, spend a day trying to be an optimist. Don’t try to pretend to be happy or to force something good to happen. To me that is not what being an optimist is about. Instead, take a moment, and when something bad happens, take it in, feel the frustration, and then remember that this is leading you to a better place and move forward.

One thought on “I Hate Everything

  1. heather

    So true!! I wanna know what the good thing was though:)

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