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About the Author

My name is Dawn. I am currently a student, hoping to one day become a novelist. I decided to start this blog for a few of reasons. First, I wanted an outlet to help me improve my writing skills. Second, I hope that by sharing my life and stories I might be able to help someone, who otherwise I never would have met. Third, I’m hoping to use this as a motivation for myself to get started on some personal changes I wanted to implement, but have procrastinated doing. I figured what better way to motivate myself by making myself accountable to strangers on the internet.

I tend to be opinionated when the subject is something I truly care about, but passive in most other situations. I always enjoy a good argument, but most of the time I will just argue for the sake of argument rather than truly trying to win the argument. I was raised in such a way to always ask questions, and answer in a concise and yet unique way. While I may not have perfected such skills, I do enjoy using them. I am open and friendly and incredibly loyal to my friends. In my free time I enjoy reading, writing (obviously), hanging out with friends, and surfing the internet. I do other things as well but these are the main things I tend to do during my free time.

I plan to use this blog as a chance to increase both my fiction and non-fiction writing. Meaning I will be posting short stories as well as stories about my life. I hope that something in my writing, whether it is my fiction or my life stories, inspires and encourages those who read them. At the very least I hope you enjoy reading them.

About the Artist

Hey guys! My name is Amber and I’m the resident artist for “thisgirlwrites.” I’m your average, 23 year old literature loving nerd, and I’m excited to steadily get better in both my art and writing abilities- I aim to tell the whole story. I hope to bring “thisgirlwrites'” ideas to life, and I hope you’ll continue to support us both as we try to breather life into words.

Thanks for reading with us!


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